Discover the world's first product designed to find model errors in audio AI applications.

LatticeFlow Co-founder and CTO Pavol Bielik demonstrates how to find blind spots in medical AI models at ECR 2022



Join us from July 13th until July 17th at the ECR 2022 in Vienna, the largest annual conference in Europe gathering radiologists from around the world. We will demonstrate how our LatticeFlow platform is used to find and fix critical blind spots in AI models.

Try our LatticeFlow platform!

Check out our demo to see how LatticeFlow can seamlessly:

  • Find critical blind spots in medical AI models
  • Identify hidden spurious correlations, such as those caused by medical image artifacts
  • Check how your model behaves under data shifts that naturally occur across deployments at different hospitals and medical devices
  • Generate the right kind of data to fix model blind spots, eliminate spurious correlations, and make your model robust to data shifts

To try the demo, visit our booth at Expo X1, N°20c.

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Learn how to build robust medical AI models from our CTO and Co-founder Dr. Pavol Bielik

Our co-founder and CTO Pavol Bielik will be giving a talk on how to build and deploy robust AI by finding, understanding, and fixing model blind spots. 

To attend the talk:

📅 11:00 CET, Wednesday, July 13

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We look forward to meeting you at the ECR Vienna!


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