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Navigating Model Blind Spot Discovery for Better Models

Pavol ML Ops


The journey from concept to a fully operational AI model in production is more tricky than one might assume. In a startling statistic, 87% of these models never transition from the lab to a live production environment. It’s a challenge that many in the AI field are working tirelessly to understand and overcome.

On November 8th 2023, Dr. Pavol Bielik, our CTO, will speak at the MLOps community’s online mini-summit to tackle this pressing issue head-on.

Smoothing the Road to AI Success

AI models might perform well in training. However, the transition to the dynamic and unpredictable nature of real-world application reveals blind spots that were not evident during initial testing phases. Pavol’s talk will address these hidden challenges that prevent models from maintaining their lab-grade performance once deployed.

Join us as we forge a path to deploying more reliable and effective AI models in production environments. Pavol Bielik will not only reveal the obscured elements that may compromise AI performance but will also share strategic insights to overcome these challenges.

Save the date for November 8th, and be part of the movement towards more robust and adaptive AI models. Follow our journey on LinkedIn and X for continuous updates and highlights from the event.

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