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Prof. Martin Vechev Talks About Next-Generation AI at the European Parliament

European Parliament


Prof. Martin Vechev talks at the European Parliament about next-generation AI systems and how Europe could establish itself as the leader in the domain of safe, robust, and trustworthy AI.

In this interview, Prof. Vechev elaborates on new generation AI systems that combine the strength of traditional symbolic techniques, which are effective for developing AI systems’ reasoning capabilities, with that of recent statistical methods and deep learning, enabling to effectively learn complex systems from data. You can read the full interview at:

In the interview, Prof. Vechev also talks about the importance of ERC grants and how they are instrumental in enabling world-class European researchers to focus on core research questions over a longer period, contributing at more conceptual and fundamental research levels, and the ability to build systems from beginning to end. Back in 2018, Prof. Vechev spoke at the European Parliament on this topic and how the ERC is a key ingredient for driving deep tech innovations in Europe:


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