LatticeFlow AI joins the U.S. AI Safety Institute Consortium. (AISIC).

AI for Defense

Scaling the adoption of secure and reliable AI is critical for government organizations seeking to elevate their operational efficiency and ensure public safety.

AI for Defense

Our latest white paper “Towards Mission Critical AI: Interpretable, Actionable, and Resilient AI” presented at CYCON’23

What our customers say

Gain trust in your AI models

Go beyond evaluating AI models using aggregate statistics and instead, obtain provable guarantees and explicitly model the tradeoff across the mission-relevant dimensions.

Explainable AI

Analyze model attribution at scale to understand the AI model decisions, uncover hidden biases, spurious correlation and take corrective actions.

Interpretable AI

Expand and generalize existing issues at scale – go from a couple of incorrect sample to finding similar problems in the whole dataset. Identify risks for data leakage and remove duplicates from your datasets.

Actionable AI

Account for uncertainty in complex environments by breaking down the operation domain into individual scenarios. Make informed decisions when deploying new models to avoid unexpected regressions.

Certifiable AI

Our robustness verifier achieved the highest score at VNN-COMP’20, the first competition for certifying neural networks, outperforming teams from MIT, Oxford, UIUC, and others.​

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