LatticeFlow AI joins the U.S. AI Safety Institute Consortium. (AISIC).

AI for Insurance

AI enables accurate underwriting and a smoother claims process, which improves customer experience across the entire insurance policy lifecycle. LatticeFlow accelerates companies in delivering robust and performant AI solutions to insurance use cases.

Curate noisy and ambiguous data across multiple domains

Car Damage Inspections
Property Damage
Field Analytics

Bridging the gap between real and synthetic data by eliminating AI blind spots

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"Manually curating and labeling real data is slow, expensive, and yields suboptimal results due to inconsistencies, biases, and gaps. Next-gen AI is trained on synthetic data. But it must be done right."
Petar Tsankov, CEO LatticeFlow
"By unlocking the power of synthetic data, we are able to rapidly create computer vision models achieving superior levels of generalization and abstraction, which are the core of our service."
Dmitry Geyzersky, Co-founder & CTO Click-Ins

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