LatticeFlow AI joins the U.S. AI Safety Institute Consortium. (AISIC).

AI for Manufacturing

AI is revolutionizing every step in the manufacturing process to reduce downtime, cut operational costs, and increase operational efficiency. However, not all AI model errors are created equal, with extra care required for understanding and minimizing false negative errors. 

AI for manufacturing

Improve predictability, reduce false negatives

Preventive Maintenance
Drone Inspections
Quality Control

SBB, Siemens Mobility and LatticeFlow partner to make railway inspections safe

Quality Inspection

In the challenging task of automated defect detection with highly imbalanced datasets, LatticeFlow auto-diagnosed and fixed inconsistent labels and doubled model robustness.


Precision of label auto-diagnosis

Applied to challenging datasets annotated by domain experts.

3 hours

Onboarding time

Time from installation to defining custom data quality rules by data analysts.


Robustness improvement

Without sacrificing any model accuracy.

Try LatticeFlow with your AI teams

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