LatticeFlow AI joins the U.S. AI Safety Institute Consortium. (AISIC).

AI for Healthcare

AI medical image analysis enables healthcare organizations to accurately diagnose patients at scale, improving early disease detection and saving millions of lives. LatticeFlow accelerates AI teams to deliver performant, robust, and trustworthy medical AI solutions that work correctly across deployments and patients.
AI for Healthcare

Discover unknown critical blind spots

Breast Cancer Screening
Chest and Lung Diagnostics
Skin Cancer Diagnostics
Spinal Lesion Detection
Dental Diagnostics
Digital Pathology

Case Study

Major medical company

A Major medical company used LatticeFlow to analyze its datasets and AI models, discovering previously unknown blind spots and spurious correlations in a fully secure on-premise deployment.


Critical blind spots
found and fixed

<2 hours

Time to discover
first issue

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