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LatticeFlow AI Joins INSAIT’s AI Fellowship Program to Support Bulgaria’s Most Talented Students

LatticeFlow AI, together with leading technology companies and venture capitalists, including AWS, SiteGround, and Man Group, have collectively contributed $550,000 in funding to support the launch of INSAIT’s AI Fellowship Program. This initiative will offer four-year fellowships, each valued at $40,000, to the most outstanding students in mathematics and computer science.
LatticeFlow AI joins INSAIT AI Fellowship Program
INSAIT’s AI Fellowship program was announced at a government-hosted event with the participation of the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Acad. Nikolay Denkov, INSAIT’s Scientific Director and Founder, Prof. Martin Vechev, and LatticeFlow’s Co-founder and CEO, Dr. Petar Tsankov.



The INSAIT AI Fellowship Program is a key initiative for LatticeFlow AI, reflecting the company’s commitment to invest in the new generation of innovators and tech leaders in Eastern Europe. Through this program, LatticeFlow AI provides financial support to Bulgaria’s brightest students in computer science and artificial intelligence. This investment is part of a broader strategy to accelerate growth by harnessing top engineering talent.

Marking its expansion in 2022, LatticeFlow AI opened a new office in Sofia, Bulgaria—a region celebrated for its STEM culture and history of producing gold medalists at prestigious global Olympiads in computer science, mathematics, and physics.

By establishing its presence in Sofia, LatticeFlow AI aims to set a precedent for the region, demonstrating how world-class research can translate into deep-tech products and inspire the next generation to prioritize foundational sciences and education.

What does the INSAIT AI Fellowship Program consist of

The new AI excellence program, EXPLORER (EXcellence Program in technoLOgy and REseaRch), initially aims to fund at least 10 of Bulgaria’s most promising BSc students specializing in computer science and artificial intelligence. This program is designed to seamlessly integrate INSAIT’s world-class research and engineering opportunities with the demanding deep-tech internship projects offered by LatticeFlow AI and other companies supporting the program.

The INSAIT AI Fellowship Program was unveiled at a government-hosted event, featuring prominent figures such as the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Acad. Nikolay Denkov, the Minister of Education and Science, Prof. Galin Tsokov, the Rector of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Prof. Georgi Valchev.

Representatives from the companies that support the program financially were also present: Petar Tsankov, CEO of LatticeFlow, Svetoslav Dragiev, Head of Operations at the “Lead by Example” foundation (founded by SiteGround), Ivan Kunchev, Associate Quantitative Researcher at Man Group, and INSAIT’s Scientific Director and Founder, Prof. Martin Vechev, and Executive Director, Borislav Petrov.

“Students will be given the chance to augment their academic pursuits with research on significant projects in fields such as large language models, computer vision, robotics, machine learning, algorithms, and quantum computing, among others,” stated Prof. Martin Vechev, INSAIT’s Scientific Director and Founder.

“LatticeFlow AI’s expansion to Sofia aims to demonstrate how world-class research is fundamental to creating deep-tech products that win global markets. This know-how is a critical step in transforming the region from a development destination into a region where the next-generation world-leading products are both invented and created. We are therefore excited to support the EXPLORER program, allowing the region’s most talented students to focus on fundamental knowledge and science, while also providing exposure to this emerging deep-tech ecosystem,” remarked Dr. Petar Tsankov, CEO and Co-founder of LatticeFlow AI.


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