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LatticeFlow partners with CertifAI to provide technical AI assessments

LatticeFlow CertifAI partnership


We are pleased to announce our partnership with CetifAI to ensure safety, efficiency, and reliability of AI models in accordance with current and upcoming regulations. Check out the press release!

As organizations rapidly adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions into their business-critical operations, the importance of governance, transparency, and reliability becomes paramount. This collaboration aims to seamlessly integrate LatticeFlow’s technology for conducting data quality and model robustness assessments, all in accordance with the latest ISO standards, into CertifAI’s comprehensive platform for certifying safety, efficiency, and reliability of AI systems. The upcoming EU AI Act is also expected to significantly influence the AI landscape. Post-certification, customers can monitor the performance of production models as new observations are added to training data sets.

LatticeFlow and CertifAI Partnership

Dr. Robert Kilian, CEO and Co-founder of CertifAI, commented on the timeliness and strategic importance of this partnership:

“Safe AI development standards and relevant regulations create immediate urgency for organizations to implement effective quality systems including testing obligations. This is especially crucial for highly regulated industries where the deployment of AI systems directly impacts the safety of people’s lives. We have signed this partnership with LatticeFlow to leverage their award-winning technology for conducting AI assessments, which has been proven effective in commercial AI assessments for banks, as well as in governmental organizations. The partnership will further enhance our CertifAI platform to deliver exceptional, state-of-the-art AI audits to our clients.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with CertifAI in addressing the growing demand for compliance with emerging AI regulations,” said Dr. Petar Tsankov, CEO and Co-founder of LatticeFlow. “CertifAI brings extensive expertise to the table, with the backing of PwC and DEKRA. Under Robert’s skilled leadership, the team is uniquely positioned to move fast in this rapidly evolving space.”

The collaboration between LatticeFlow and CertifAI is a testament to our shared vision of fostering innovation alongside responsible AI development. Interested in a demo? Talk to sales.

CertifAI is a joint venture by PwC and DEKRA.


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