LatticeFlow AI joins the U.S. AI Safety Institute Consortium. (AISIC).

LatticeFlow Co-Founder, Prof Andreas Krause Joins UN AI Advisory Body

We're excited to share the news of our Co-Founder, Andreas Krause - Professor at ETH Zurich, who has been nominated to the United Nations AI advisory body. Andreas joins a distinguished panel of 38 global experts tasked with collectively analyzing and proposing measures for global AI governance.
LatticeFlow Co-Founder, Prof Andreas Kraus Joins UN AI Advisory Body


The appointment of Andreas to United Nations AI Advisory Body is not only an honor but a testament to Andreas’ unwavering dedication to making AI safe and trustworthy—a mission that aligns perfectly with the recent executive order issued by President Biden in setting new standards for AI safety and security

Andreas Krause, in his role as a co-founder of LatticeFlow, has consistently championed the cause of safe and trustworthy AI. His commitment as a researcher and university lecturer at ETH Zurich has been tireless. He also serves as the founding Chairman of the ETH AI Center, which fosters research excellence, industry innovation, and AI entrepreneurship to promote trustworthy, accessible, and inclusive AI systems.

International Governance of AI

The formation of the AI Advisory Body represents a significant milestone in the United Nations’ commitment to addressing critical issues related to the international governance of artificial intelligence. As highlighted by United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, AI has the potential to transform outdated technologies and deliver essential services to those who need them most. This new advisory body’s immediate tasks include establishing a global scientific consensus on the risks and challenges associated with AI, leveraging AI to advance the Sustainable Development Goals, and strengthening international cooperation in AI governance.

The AI Advisory Body will also serve as a bridge, connecting various existing and emerging initiatives focused on AI governance. By the end of 2023, it aims to issue preliminary recommendations, with the final recommendations set to be unveiled by the summer of 2024, ahead of the Summit of the Future.

Andreas Krause encapsulates the global significance of this initiative with his statement, “Globally coordinated AI governance is essential to harness AI for humanity while addressing its inherent risks and uncertainties. As AI-related applications, algorithms, computing capacity, and expertise become more widespread internationally, it is crucial to have a unified and inclusive approach to ensure the responsible development and application of AI.”

LatticeFlow’s mission is to ensure the responsible and ethical use of artificial intelligence, in line with the principles laid out in President Biden’s recent executive order.

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