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LatticeFlow wins Swiss AI Award 2022

The Swiss AI Award honors the most promising and innovative AI start-ups from across Switzerland. The award was funded by the Venture competition run by ETH Zurich, the ZKB Pionierpreis, the Digital Economy Award, the Swiss ICT Award, the Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC), and other renowned foundations and organizations from across Switzerland. In 2022, the expert jury, led by Pascal Kaufmann from the Mindfire Foundation, reviewed 170 Swiss AI companies, focusing on the technology and potential worldwide impact of the company.

“I am truly impressed by the diligent, in-depth review process led by pioneer Pascal Kaufmann and his team. The jury investigated in detail what technology we are building, how it compares to alternative solutions, and what real-world impact and value can it deliver on the global AI scene over the years.” – said Petar Tsankov, LatticeFlow’s CEO and Co-founder.

LatticeFlow was announced as the winner of the Swiss AI Award 2022 on June 7th, 2022, at the invite-only AI networking dinner organized at AiCon, the festival for AI innovations to be held on 7 and 8 June 2022 at the Canton of Schwyz. The award reflects the progress LatticeFlow has made in the last 12 months, successfully launching its platform that enables companies and governments to create robust and trustworthy AI solutions, validating its business model with flagship customers across different market segments, including medical, manufacturing, and others. The award comes shortly after the young ETH spin-off was also named on the prestigious CB Insights top 100 Most Innovative AI Startup, also winning a US Army Global AI Award in 2021.

The AI revolution, projected to deliver $16 trillion to the global economy this decade, is blocked by the ability of AI teams to deliver robust and trustworthy AI models. Without such models, AI systems make wrong decisions in production, resulting in misdiagnosed cancer patients, fatalities in car accidents, and more.

The young ETH spin-off is a pioneer in the domain of robust AI, having built the world’s first systems for reasoning about deep learning models, outperforming MIT, Berkeley, and Stanford at friendly competitions on the topic of robust AI. Based on this technology, LatticeFlow offers the world’s first platform that enables ML teams to automatically diagnose datasets and models, helping them find and fix critical model blind spots and data issues. This enables ML teams to deliver robust AI solutions and accelerate AI adoption globally across diverse use cases and industries.

“LatticeFlow’s vision is to enable companies to deliver safe, robust, and trustworthy AI solutions to production. This is the most pressing and important problem we need to solve to unblock the AI revolution and enable widespread adoption of AI.” – added Petar Tsankov.

About LatticeFlow

LatticeFlow is an award-winning deep-tech spin-off and creator of the world’s first platform for robust AI models. The company was founded in 2020 by globally recognized AI researchers with the mission to empower organizations to deliver robust and trustworthy AI systems, solving a fundamental roadblock to the wide adoption of AI. Based on the impact and strong early traction of its platform, LatticeFlow was mentioned on the prestigious CB Insights AI100 List of Most Innovative AI companies in the world, also winning a US Army Global AI Award in 2021 and the Swiss AI Award 2022.


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