LatticeFlow AI joins the U.S. AI Safety Institute Consortium. (AISIC).

Data Diagnostics

AI is challenging to build. Our platform is designed to help your team focus on the most impactful tasks – to build and deploy performant, trustworthy, and reliable AI models faster.

Fix low quality samples

Use our quality score to identify errors that you can quickly triage and fix. Find anomalous samples, inconsistent labeling, wrong cropping and more. Collaborate and share the findings with your team.

Find data issues at scale

Expand and generalize existing issues at scale – go from a couple of incorrect sample to finding similar problems in the whole dataset. Identify risks for data leakage and remove duplicates from your datasets.

Gain model insights

Assess the quality of your data through model-guided data analysis. Find and generalize data issues, fix wrong or inconsistent labels, poor quality samples, or unbalanced data distributions.

Data Representativeness

Not all samples are created equal. Curate representative subsets, identify regions with degraded model performance and distribution shifts to improve the quality of your data. Query unlabelled datasets for relevant samples to include in your training or test dataset.

Benefits everyone on your team

All stakeholders in your organization including data analysts, domain experts, ML engineers can collaborate using a single source of truth in real-time to find and fix issues at scale. 

Team collaboration

Data analysts and domain experts can utilize LatticeFlow's easy-to-use web UI to inspect data issues, collect samples as issues to review with your team.

Labeling integration

LatticeFlow’s solution integrates with existing commercial or in-house tools for data labeling, enabling data analystics to get the best of both.

Domain Knowledge

Integrate custom domain knowledge tailored specifically for your domain — from satellite imagery and smart city analytics, all the way to preventive maintenance and manufacturing.

What our customers say

Try LatticeFlow on your data

Small or large, with LatticeFlow be always one step away from finding the gaps in your data and how best to use it.

Asked Questions

LatticeFlow offers both private cloud and on-premise deployment options to ensure you have complete control over your data and its privacy.

We do not offer a labeling service. However, our platform enables you to automatically identify data or labeling issues at scale.

Yes, you can plug in custom metadata associated both with images, as well as individual objects and segmentation.

Yes, we can run analysis on both static and dynamic data samples without having to start from scratch.