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LatticeFlow announces intelligent workflows for fixing AI blind spots

Building high quality and trustworthy AI models is one of the biggest challenges faced by machine learning engineers today. While key metrics such as aggregate performance are useful, just because an AI model excels in the test environment, doesn't guarantee its success in the real world. Instead, how can you be certain that your models will continue to perform as expected when deployed to production?
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As the integration of AI into businesses gains momentum, the importance of rigorously testing the reliability and robustness of AI models for seamless production deployment has never been more critical. This is particularly vital in the context of mission-critical AI applications, where unforeseen model failures during production could lead to heightened compliance risks and increased costs for organizations. Furthermore, machine learning engineers are faced with the arduous task of manually trying to find critical model errors that directly impact model performance in production.

This is why we have integrated intelligent workflows into model diagnostics so that your teams can now systematically identify blind spots in your models that are otherwise hard to find and fix these critical errors more efficiently – thereby streamlining the process of discovering and rectifying elusive model blindspots.  Give it a try!

“This is a significant step forward in realizing our mission to help machine learning engineers auto-diagnose data and models with intelligent workflows and help build safe and trustworthy AI systems at scale,” says Pavol, CTO and co-founder of LatticeFlow.

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LatticeFlow’s model blind spots empowered by intelligent workflows offers a unique solution that helps to:

Improve Model Performance: By detecting blindspots early in the AI development lifecycle, enterprise machine learning engineers can accelerate development timelines and reduce the resources otherwise expended on manual error identification.

Mitigate Compliance Risk:  The platform employs advanced algorithms and comprehensive analysis to uncover systematic failures within AI models, providing machine learning engineering teams with unparalleled insights into their AI systems.

Ensure Trustworthiness: By detecting and addressing blindspots, LatticeFlow empowers organizations to build AI models that not only enhance model accuracy and performance, but also ensures trustworthiness, reliability and robustness of AI models for production deployment. This proactive approach enables organizations to anticipate potential issues ahead of time and uphold the integrity and fairness of their AI systems.

Provide Actionable Insights: Going beyond model explainability and interpretability, your machine learning engineers can make informed decisions and get deep insights into why and how the model is failing and make informed decisions by testing models across various scenarios.

Intuitive Web User Interface: Designed for both machine learning engineers and data analysts, our intuitive user interface allows you to easily explore your data and models from a single interface, saving valuable development time while increasing efficiency. We also offer flexible integration and automation options with our SDKs, making your entire development process smoother and more streamlined.

Level up your model game! Turn good into great 😊

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