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LatticeFlow AI Appoints Established AI Executives to Its Advisory Board

New Advisory Board Members in LatticeFlow AI



At LatticeFlow AI we are proud to announce the creation of our advisory board and the appointment of two AI luminaries, Milena Marinova and Jean-Luc Chatelain, as founding members.

Meet our new advisory board members

Milena Miranova

Milena Marinova‘s background is particularly notable for its blend of technical knowledge and visionary leadership. Having led significant AI initiatives at Microsoft, her experience in accelerating AI applications across diverse industries provides LatticeFlow AI with a unique perspective on scaling AI solutions. Her work in promoting ethical AI practices aligns with LatticeFlow AI’s commitment to responsible AI development, ensuring that the company’s products not only meet the highest standards of innovation but also of integrity and trustworthiness.

“In the era of AI adoption, building responsible AI is paramount to the success of these deployments,” says Milena. “I’m happy to become an advisor to LatticeFlow AI and help advance the vision of its founders and their strong commitment to building tools that ensure AI safety and trust.”

Jean-Luc Chatelain

Jean-Luc Chatelain‘s experience at Accenture as CTO of Applied Intelligence has enriched him with an unparalleled understanding of the practical challenges and opportunities of implementing AI in large-scale enterprises. His focus on trust and ethical considerations in AI deployment complements LatticeFlow AI’s mission perfectly. Jean-Luc’s insights into the operational challenges of AI systems, from data governance to algorithmic bias, will be invaluable in helping LatticeFlow AI navigate these critical issues.

“Trust is the foundation of a successful AI platform,” says Jean-Luc. “I am thrilled to join the LatticeFlow AI’s advisory board and help the company realize its mission of enabling enterprises to build and deploy safe and trustworthy AI systems that unlock business value.”

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The impact for LatticeFlow AI

Adding such influential figures to the advisory board marks a significant milestone for LatticeFlow AI, reflecting the company’s dedication to responsible AI adoption and its vision to enhance AI safety and trust. Marinova‘s and Chatelain‘s shared commitment to this vision, along with their invaluable insights and expertise, will help guide LatticeFlow AI’s strategic direction and growth in the coming years. This announcement comes on the heels of LatticeFlow AI’s expansion into the US market. It signifies a promising future for the company in shaping the landscape of trustworthy AI solutions for enterprises globally.

“We are honored to welcome Milena and Jean-Luc to our advisory board,” shared LatticeFlow AI’s co-founders Petar Tsankov (CEO) and Pavol Bielik (CTO). “Their collective expertise, aligned with our vision for responsible AI adoption, will be instrumental in guiding our long-term growth strategy in the years to come.”

The creation of LatticeFlow AI’s top-tier AI advisory board follows the expansion of LatticeFlow AI into the US market and the appointment of Tom Ulrich as Senior Vice President and General Manager of LatticeFlow North America.

In conclusion, the strategic role of the advisory board at LatticeFlow AI cannot be overstated. In an industry as dynamic and rapidly evolving as artificial intelligence, having a robust advisory board is critical for staying ahead of technological trends and ethical considerations. The board’s role will be to provide strategic insights and guidance, leveraging their extensive experience to navigate the complexities of AI development and deployment. Their expertise will be instrumental in identifying new opportunities for innovation, as well as potential risks and ethical dilemmas that may arise.

The establishment of LatticeFlow AI’s advisory board with such distinguished members marks a significant step forward in the company’s mission to lead in the development of safe and trustworthy AI systems. As LatticeFlow AI continues to grow and evolve, the insights and expertise of Milena Marinova and Jean-Luc Chatelain will be invaluable. Their leadership and vision will not only help shape the strategic direction of the company but also contribute to the broader conversation on the ethical and responsible use of AI in society. This is a testament to LatticeFlow AI’s commitment to excellence and its unwavering dedication to advancing the field of artificial intelligence in a manner that is both innovative and conscientious.

Read the Press Release.


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